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Welcome to another episode of Basemen Talk. Nothing all that exciting happened to me this week so I just rambled on about some topics I've been thinking about and some stuff that has been interesting me lately. Normally I'd like to have some stories to tell about things that happened to me over the past week or so but this was a boring week so here's a boring podcast. Watch Stand by Me.
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Welcome back everybody. Thanks for your patience. Basement Talk is back and the same as ever. I know I took an extended break and I appreciate everyone that was asking about the show and wondering if I was ever going to do it again. Well I am back and not going anywhere. I discuss all of this in the episode above as well as a few other topics relevant to the times.
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Thanks for listening to another episode of Wrestling Talk. Big news in the Indy scene as CHIKARA has seemingly been dismantled. We touch on the latest TNA pay-per-view and give one of the worst recaps of all time, considering I know nothing about TNA and Dan didn't watch the PPV. We also touch on some of the bigger news out of the WWE with Daniel Bryan's latest push.

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Thanks for checking out the latest episode of Wrestling Talk. So we've decided that we aren't going to be doing a weekly show so for the time being I will be uploading these podcasts on this site but not counting them as Basement Talk episodes. In this episode we branch out from WWE for a little bit and discuss the old days of ECW and how its legacy lives on thought the Extreme Rules event. We also discussed Jay Briscoe of Ring of Honor and his homophobic tweets as well as Austin Aries of TNA and his sexual harassment. Don't worry, we get back to WWE and break down tonight's PPV and give our picks.

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Sunday night party. My little brother Michael turned 21 today and there was a bunch of people at the Duffy residence. We all decided to turn on the microphones and record our ramblings. Join me and my friends as we celebrate Michael's birthday and I call in everyone at the party in as a guest. Even though it is a shorter episode it is action packed. I apologize for the sound quality as it is very loud throughout but we had a lot of people here who wanted to be heard. Enjoy this impromptu episode.

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Thanks for sticking with the show. I am extremely happy to have been able to sit down with Miles and record this episode. We had a lot to discuss as we talked about our childhood friendship, becoming best friends, and then drifting apart. We talked a lot about why we drifted apart and the causes of our friendship ending. It was great to get back to doing a one on one sit down. Look forward to more of these in the near future.

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This is the second episode of mine and Dan's new wrestling podcast. I know this site is for Basement Talk podcasts but we haven't figured out where we want to host this podcast yet but we still wanted to put out a new episode so here it is. The next episode will be on its own site. We recapped everything that has gone down since we last got together and even counted down each of our top three favorite theme songs. The production value of this podcast is something I've never had before, though Basement Talk is starting to get there. Thanks for checking it out.

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We finally have new equipment here in Basement Talk Studios, which is Uncle Bobby's kitchen. I had Don and Uncle Bobby in for this podcast to test out the new stuff and decided to just record an episode and put it up for you all to here. We cover a variety of topics including some more wresting, male celebrity naked pictures, and surprise parties. Thanks for sticking with me through all the sub-par recordings over the past year or so. Not it's time for a new era of Basement Talk.

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Welcome to the first episode of my brand new podcast Wrestling Talk. Don't worry, Basement Talk will continue as well I'm just branching out into different areas. This podcast will be a weekly show co-hosted by myself and Dan Greenlees. In the first episode we preview WrestleMania 29 and talk about our predictions and what we expect to happen at the event. Wrestling Talk will be moving to its own site very soon but I just wanted to debut it on the regular site to let everyone know what's happening. Thank you and please listen to the new show.

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